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Pressebericht Hollywood - Bericht Entertainment Today (14.-20.3.)

"To people in the United States, Status Quo is known more for being the band upon whom Spinal Tap was loosely based than they are for the patented 12-bar boogie rock they've been doing for 30 years. However, their huge success in their native United Kingdom (more than 30 Top 10 singles and albums, combined) has translated to a lot of airplay in the states, generating a sizable fan base. Many of these folks were on hand at the House Of Blues on Feb. 26 to see a band who may be old geezers, but can still rock with the best of them.

"The main men of Status Quo, singers/songwriters/guitarists Francis Michael Rossi and Rick Parfitt, have been with the band since its inception 35 years ago, and they and the rest of 'The Quo' still know how to live like rock stars, as they were able to negotiate having their custom gear, including heaps of white Marshall stacks, shipped to the states for their tour, which looked awesome spread about the stage. Soon after the band came out, they ripped into the opening chords of their #5 UK hit 'Caroline,' throwing the large throng into a frenzy. That feeling carried through most of the band's 21-song set, which mixed classic tunes like 'Down Down,' 'Don't Waste My Time,''Forty-Five Hundred Times,' 'Rain' and 'Whatever You Want' with several songs from their new album Heavy Traffric. Both Rossi and Parfitt are still strong of voice and their twin guitar attack is as sharp as ever. The band's brand of boogie can be classified as the easy listening version of hard rock--not that it's wimpy by any means, but the chord structures are simple, easy to digest and lots of fun. A light moment during the set occurred when a fuse blew (they must have had those Marshalls turned up to 11!), but the band made light of the situation as repairs were being done. Perhaps the most striking thing about the show was the huge number of young people in the audience, who were clearly born well after the band's heyday. Most of these folks had formed several mosh pits strewn throughout the venue, and never let up their enthusiam.[sic]

"After a rousing encore which featured a medley of oldies like 'Let's Dance,' 'No Particular Place To Go' and 'I Hear You Knocking',' Status Quo called it a night, leaving most of the crowd exhilirated. An interesting omission was the Top 15 hit from their early daze, 'Pictures Of Matchstick Men,' which may have been left out because its psychedelic nature didn't fit within the framework of the rest of their set. No matter, Status Quo's performance makes it clear that, to quote one of their biggest hits, the band will probably be able to keep 'rockin' all over the world' for many years to come."