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If you can't stand the heat 1978

Cover LP If you can't stand the heat Vertigo 6360 164 (Stereo)
The original album was released in Germany as LP and as Cassette (Cat.No. 7138 103).
Release: 23.10.1978
Studio: Wisselord Studios, Hilversum (NL)
Producer: Pip Williams
Engineer: John Eden
Line-Up: Francis Rossi (lead voc, gui), Alan Lancaster (bass), Rick Parfitt (gui), John Coghlan (drum), Andy Bown (keyb)
The original album was issued with a gatefold sleeve. Later it was reissued without gatefold sleeve. At the Intershops of East Germany you could also buy this LP but only with west money, on the label of the album it is printed "AWA" which was the sign that it is an east german release. click here for the label of the AWA-LP
It was the first time that a studio album was produced in Netherlands and it was the first time that horns were used on a Status Quo album by The David Katz Horn and Bud Revo.
The song "Long legged Linda" was originally a song by Andy Bown recorded in the year 1973. "Like a good girl" was issued as A-single in Spain and "Someone show me home" was issued in 1997 on francis Rossi's solo-album "King of the Doghouse".
german single releases: Again and Again and Accident prone
Charts: The album with a very good success inGermany - it went to No.11 of the germanLP-charts and it spent a total of 27 weeks in the charts.
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A-Side: If you can't stand the heat -german LP-Label
1 Again and Again (Rossi/Bown/Lynton)
2 I'm giving up my worrying (Rossi/Frost)
3 Gonna teach you to love me (Lancaster/Green)
4 Someone show me home (Rossi/Frost)
5 Long legged Linda (Parfitt/Bown)
6 OH! What a night (Parfitt/Bown)
7 Accident prone (Williams/Hutchins)
8 Stones (Lancaster)
9 Let me fly (Rossi/Frost)
9 Like a good girl (Rossi/Young)
additional vocals on songs 4 5 6 8: Jacquie Sullivan, Steve Lange, Joy Yates
Scan of the AWA LP by Günter Röder.