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If you can't stand the heat 1978 (Vertigo 7138 103)

Interestingly the track-listing of the german cassette is different to the track-listing of the LP and is different to the track-listing of the english cassette.
By the way, this cassette album "If you can't stand the heat" was released in Middle East with 4 additional songs of the "Rockin all over the world"-Albums under the Label 747. This issue of the Middle East and other issues which were released with the Catalogue No. IMD... in Indonesia and also in other Far East countries are not official releases.

1 Again and Again (Rossi/Bown/Lynton)
2 Accident prone (Williams/Hutchins)
3 Gonna teach you to love me (Lancaster/Green)
4 Someone show me home (Rossi/Frost)
5 Long legged Linda (Parfitt/Bown)
6 OH! What a night (Parfitt/Bown)
7 I'm giving up my worrying (Rossi/Frost)
8 Stones (Lancaster)
9 Let me fly (Rossi/Frost)
10 Like a good girl (Rossi/Young)