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Gig report "State of Quo" live in France (31.8.2002)

(gig report by Thierry Simon - thankyou)

John Coghlan was back in France last week-end. He plays with the band State of Quo under the name "John Coghlan's Quo" on a rural party in the north of France, a place called Harnes, near Lens. The attendance was sadly very low, with some 150-200 people at the party, but about only 50 (yes...) at front of the podium. What a difference for him, when he played in Lille about 21 years ago with Quo at front of 6.000 people. But the band did it very professional. They played a full set of two hours, for the fans, and it was really great.

The set list was:

Caroline, Paper Plane, Roll Over Lay Down, Backwater, Little Lady, Most Of The Times, Down The Duspipe, Rain, Hold You Back, In My Chair, Spinning Wheel Blues, Down DOwn, Railroad, Whatever You Want, Don't Waste My Time, Roadhouse Blues, Big Fat Mam, Rockin All Over The World, and in the encore Bye Bye Johnny.

Sadly we didn't get any solo from John. Let's hope he will do it in his forthcoming German's tour, starting next week. After the show, we had the opportunity to meet him, which was great for the fans.