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QUOTICKER is a private website and news are unofficial, otherwise confirmed from Status Quo.
Quoticker is online since 2001

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Rick Parfitt
12.10.1948 - 24.12.2016

  • 12.10.: Rick Parfitt would have been 69 years today. R.I.P..

  • 11.10.: 16 years ago the QUOTICKER site went online, thanks for all your visits and support.

  • 11.10.: antoher 3-CD-compilation from Status Quo "Collected" was released on October 5. An interesting compilation for there is not only older and newer stuff from Quo but also songs from Francis Rossi's solo album "One Step at a Time" and the song "Rubber Gloves" from Andy Bowns solo album "Unfinished Business", plus a song with the Party Boys and one song of Rhino's Revenge. ...more

  • 10.10.: the band on its way to Australia, where the band will play 5 show,s kicking-off at the Gold Coast (13.10.).

  • 09.10.: Francis Rossi did a contribut to the SF sartyr "The Chronicles of Dekaydence". The song "Anthem of the Black Tartan Guards" is a re-write of the song "Diggin' Burt Bacharach" from Quos album "Heavy Traffic". ....more

  • 03.10.: Bob Young updated his website with a new blog and more interesting photos. Bob Young will play with Micky Moody at the 2nd FanConvention at Butlins Minehead October 13 - 16. ...mehr

  • 22.09.: Status Quo on the front cover of the big german music magazine "Good Times". With a five-pages write-up basically about the spilt with John Coghlan and Alan Lancaster.

  • 25.07.: sensation in Germany; the new Live album crashed into the Top10 album charts with No.10

  • 22.07.: the official live album "The Last Night of the Electrics" has been released. Recorded at Quos show at the O2 in London from December 2016. Nowadays its usual that the record companies are releasing on many formats and so this live album is releas as: 2xCD, DVD, Blue Ray, als 3xLP gatefold cover, as 2xCD+DVD-package, as 2xCD+Blue Ray package, as a 2xCD+3LP-bundle and as hightlight the earbook including the live recordings from Zurich, Amsterdam und Birmingham.

  • 13.07.: there is an interview with Bob Young on Rockotopia: ...more

  • 27.03.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Andy Bown. Status Quo's keyboard player is celebrating his 71st anniversary.

  • 12.01.17: Bob Young updated his website, with new podcasts amd again he added nice photos. More is to come soon. ...more

  • 12.01.17: the new year starts with the announcement of : vbinyl releases
    "Don't Stop" will be released as 2xLP on clear vinyl.
    "Party aint over yet" will be released as 2xLP on yellow vinyl.
    "Under the Influence" will be released as 2xLP on blue vinyl.
    All releases come together with an expanded and bonus track 2xCD
    Release date: 20.January 2017 - by DEMON/EDEL

  • 24.12.: today Rick Parfitt passed away.

  • 23.12.: I wish all visitors of this interset site a merry christmas.

  • 22.12.: Bob Young did an update on his website, with the announcement of a new CD in January 2017 "Back in Quo country". ...more

  • 22.12.: another QUO LP-boxset with the albums of the years 1986 - 1995 is announced for 2017.

  • 24.11.: news of the current german tour: good crowds with packed venues see "The Last Night Of The Electrics" with Quo in top form. Special guests URIAH HEEP.

  • 05.11.: "Aquostic II - Thats a fact" entered the UK charts on No.7 - thats the 24th Quo album which went to TOP10.
    In Germany the album peaked at No.26

  • 02.11.: Mercury release a 3CD-Box "Status Quo - Whatever you want" with 52 songs. Relese date: 27.11.2016 click her to see over

  • 21.10.: "Aquostic II - Thats a fact" has been releases - 1x CD 2x CD and 2x LP.

  • 14.10.: "The last night of the electrics"-tour kicked of in Vienna. R.Malone is substitute of Rick Parfitt. This is the new setlist: Caroline The Wanderer Something 'bout You Baby I Like Rain Softer Ride Beginning of the End Hold You Back What You're Proposing / Down the Dustpipe / Wild Side of Life / Railroad / Again and Again Paper Plane The Oriental Creepin' Up on You Gerdundula In the Army Now Roll Over Lay Down Down Down Whatever You Want Rockin' All Over the World Encore: Burning Bridges (On and Off and on Again) Rock and Roll Music / Bye Bye Johnny

  • 12.10.: Happy Birthday Rick Parfitt. He is celebratinbg his 68th birthday and since 1967 he is a member of Status Quo.

  • 11.10.: Happy Birthday Quoticker, now 15 years old and the chance to say thank you for the great feedback.

  • 12.09.: 2 acoustic shows by the band last weekend at the Union Chapel London and at the Radio2 festival at Londons Hyde Park. The band performing the first singe from the forthcoming "Aquostic II"-album - "That's a fact" originally from the "Blue for you"-album (1976).
    The band again without Rick Parfitt. He is substituted by Freddy Edwards Rhinos son.

  • 10.07.: Rick Parfitt will not return to the Status Quo tour this summer. He will be substituted by Freddy Edwards and on the 2 show in Leuwen and Edinburgh by irish guitarist Richie MaLone.

  • 06.07.: germans well-known Status Quo Coverband PILEDRIVER will release another album with self-penned songs. The album "Brothers in Boogie", will be out on 14th October 2016. A taster of some songs can be found:

  • 20.06.: officially announced another "Aquostic"-album - "Aquostic II - One more for the road" will be released through Universal Musik (UK) ans earMusic. Alongside Quo classics like "Roll over lay down" and "In the army now" the album features 3 brand new songs.
    Quo will perform a very special one-off ‘Aquostic’ show in Hyde Park at BBC Radio 2’s ‘Festival In A Day’ on 11 September 2016.

  • 16.06.: after the show in Antalya, Turkey Rick Parfitt suffered on suspected heart attack. The festival in Norway, June 25 will be played with Freddy Edwards as substitute.

  • 29.05.: Happy Birthday Francis Rossi. Quos frontman and founder of the band way back in 1965 is celebrating his 67th anniversary.

  • 16.05.: Happy Birthday Bob Young. He is celebrating his 71st birthday.

  • 09.05.: Happy Birthday John "Rhino" Edwards. Status Quo's bass player celebrates his 63rd anniversary.

  • 30.04.2016: with the show in the impressive Empire Ballroom, Blackpool Ststus Quo kicked-off their last year with live shows. "Gerdundula" back in the .

  • 30.03.2016: In memorian DAVE MITCHELL. He sadly passed away last Saturday just 63 years old. He was known for his big Quo collection and his knowledge with the Quo discography.

  • 06.03.2016: today the dates of the last electric Status Quo have been announced.
    The band will play 31 shows from Oct. 12 to Dec.23 with the last Status Quo show to be played in Liverpool. Special guests at the UK tour are REO Speedwagon and The Lounge Kitten.

For all tour dates click here
  • 06.03.2016: more festivals and summer gigs have been confirmed ehile the dates of the last winter tour still have to be announced.

  • 06.03.2016: the next bundle of rereleased "Deluxe" edtions of classic Quo albums are to be released on March 25. This time including "On the Level" (1975) - "If you can't stand the heat" (1978) and "Whatever you want" (1979). Every edition will include a bonus CD with many demos and remix editions and "on the level" will include live tracks from Quos show in Mainz, Germany 22/02/75. (these songs are already pressed on unofficial bootlegs).

  • 12.02.2016: the band decided to retire from the electrics shows at the end of this year. Its very hard to play shows nowadays and often to a painful limit. So this year tour is entitled "The last night of the electrics". Highlights will be the appearance at the Astonbury festival and at the Isle of Wight. Followed by many more shows including a European tour and finally an UK tour.

  • 29.12.: After a successful UK tour the band with a well earned rest. The year of the reissues. After three 2xCD-deluxe edition the next 2 deluxe-packages are announced for release in 2016 "If you can't stand the heat" and "Whatever ou want".
    Ten of the 70s / 80s vinyl records have been reissued in a box and another Best of compilation entered the charts.
    The band played 47 shows - not bad regarding the age of the band.
    2016 sees more Quo shows and with this informations we all can look forward to next year.
    I wish you all good luck for 2016.

  • 22.12.: I wish all visitors of the Quoticker a Merry Christmas.

  • 22.12.: from the recent UK tour the shows from Manchester and London are released as 2x-Live-CDs by "Live here now". Also a download is available as well as both shows together. ...more

  • 28.11.: today the annual UK-Tour kicks-off at the sold-out Opera House, Blackpool. The tour includes 11 shows and is aptly titled "Accept no substitute"-Tour. Special guests is The Wilko Johnson Band. The band give a taster at Tilburg, Niederlande - with a return of "Gerdundula" and "Burning Bridges" while "Beginning of the end" was dropped.

  • 11.10.: Happy Birthday QUOTICKER. This website is running now for 14 years and its still lot of fun writing this litte website. Thanks to everybody who visits this site.

  • 24.09.: another Quo sampler is annoounced for release November 20, 2015 "The Definitive Hits by Status Quo" Label: UMTV. Its a 3-CD compilation with hits of 23 Quo studio albums plus some live songs. Accompanied by a DVD with the same title.

  • 19.09.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY John Coghlan. Quo's ex-drummer is celebrating his 69th birthday.

  • 19.09.: the first ever Ststus Quo fan convention will take place in Butlins Minehead from 2nd to 4th October. There will be cover bands, John Coghlan and Rhino will appear. More information and bookings:"> here

  • 15.09.: the release of another 3 "Status Quo deluxe edition" 2xCDs has been announced for release erly December. "Hello" "Quo" and "Rockin all over the world".

  • 15.09.: fantastic Quo gig in Zurich, Switzerland last Saturday in front of an approx. 11,000 crowd. Most notable the fitness of the band. No changes in the setlist; set-time: 90 min.

  • 14.08.: 2 shows had to be cancelled due to illness of Francis Rossi, Ilsington, Edinbourgh and Monaco.

  • 29.05.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Francis Rossi. Quo's man on the lead guitar and on the vocals and founder member is celebrating his 66th birthday.

  • 19.05.: Status Quo live in germans RTL-television at 65th birthday show of germans famous show master Thomas Gottschalk. Quo played the song "Rockin all over the world".

  • 06.05.: earMusic announced another Status Quo Box "Collectors Package" including the CD albums Under the Influence - In Search of the 4th Chord - Quid Pro Quo". Release date 26th June. Available through germans biggest retailer JPC
    And another reissue of the "Blue for you"-Album appeared; "Blue for You - Collection Edition" the CD in original vinyl-look, thats what Deluxe Vinyl Replicas TM by Culture Factory stands for - The original vinyl size is exactly transferred into CD format. Releas date 30th April by label Culure Factory.

  • 03.05.: "Accept no substitute" Tour is this years name of the Status Quo winter-UK-tour which kicks-off on the 28th November in Blackpool and includes 11 shows. Special guest is Brian Wilko and his band.

  • 28.04.: german multi-media stores SATURN are selling an exclusive DVD/CD "Aqoustic! Live at the Roundhouse" DVD/CD with 2 bonus tracks, which have been only played at the SWR1-super charts in Stuttgart last year.

  • 21.04.: yesterday the first gig of the band in 2015 which see them kicking-off their "Aquostic"-Tour through UK in Glasgow. Feedbacks are telling from a very successful show. The band unplugged supported by violin-players, a cellist and a background-choir.

  • 27.03.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Andy Bown. Status Quo's keyboarder is celebrating his 69th anniversary.

  • 27.03.: Rick Parfitt currently on the "Rock meets Classic"-Tour in Germany. Alongside Ian Gillan the first shows went down very well.

  • 28.01.: the 3rd single of the "Aquostic"-Album is "Paper Plane" which will be available as Download-Single. Release date is 25th February. "And its better now" and "Pictures of Matchstick" have been released as the other two Download-Singles.

  • 07.01.: with the success of the "Aquostic" album Status Quo have achieved another landmark with being 500 weeks in the UK charts.

  • 24.12.: I wish all visitors of the Quoticker site a merry Christmas.

  • 22.12.: after a very good german tour and thr annual UK-tour now a well-earned rest for the band untiul spring 2015.<(ul>

    • 01.12.: Status Quo announced an "Aquostic"-tour in UK in April 2015: 20th - Glasgow, Royal Concert Hall 21st - Sheffield, City Hall 23rd - Wolverhampton, Civic Hall 24th - Portsmouth, Guildhall 26th - London, Hammersmith Apollo

    font face=arial color=#0000ff>
    • 17.11.: setlist of the first show in Dresden, Germany was: Caroline - Paper Plane - Rain - Little Lady / Most of the Time - Hold you back - Beginning of the end - Oh Baby - Proposin Medley - The Oriental - Creeping up on you - In the Army now - Blue eyed Lady - Roll over lay Down - Down Down - What ever you want - Rockin' all over the World - Zugabe: Rock 'n Roll Music/ Bye Bye Johnny

    • 15.11.: Monday, Nov. 17 sees the start of this years german tour, which kicks-off in Dresden. On the schedule are 11 shows. Special guest Lou Gramm (ex-Foreigner). .

    • 28.10.: the new album entered the UK charts on No.5 which is the best chart success since 1996.
      Not yet confirmed but in Germany its No.37

    • 28.10.: there is to be another single release of the new "Aquostic"-album, a 12"-vinyl-maxi-single.

    • 25.10.: today Status Quo played their "Aquostic"-album at the Schleyerhalle Stuttgart, Germany in front of a sold-out crowd. Quo were special guest of the 25th anniversary super charts of the radio station SWR!. This charts is an annual event showing the all-time-greatest songs. Quo with the best votes in the 25-years-history "Whatever you want" No.173 and "Rockin all over the world" No.139. Winner was Led Zeppelins "Stairway to heaven" runners-up Queens "Bohemian Rhapsody". Setlist Stuttgart: And It's Better Now, Break The Rules, Again And Again, Paper Plane, Caroline, What You're Proposing, Softer Ride, Down Down, Pictures Of Matchstick Men, Down The Dustpipe, Reason For Living, Rolling Home (non album song!), Don't Drive My Car, Claudie, Rain, Whatever You Want, Rockin' All Over The World

    • 22.10.: Quo played the songs of the new album at the BBC Roundhouse. The show was sold-out .

    • 20.10.: Status Quos unplugged "Aquostic" album have been released in UK and Australia.
    • 17.10.: today the "Aquostic" album was released in mainland Europe. The special edition box includes the 7"-vinyl-single "Mystery Song/Little Lady Medley" (B-side "Claudie"). The single has no catalogue number.

    • 13.10.: the limited edition of the new album "Aquostic unplugged" includes the CD and the new 7"-single also a t-shirt, poster, individual cards and a mousepad.

    • 12.10.: Happy Birthday RICK PARFITT! Rick is celebrating his 66th birthday.

    • 11.10.: Happy Birthday - 13 years ago this Quoticker site went online. After all these years its a pleasure to continue writing news about Status Quo. A big thank you to everybody surfing this site. There is soon more to come with the release of the "Aquostic"-unplugged album and the german and Uk tour are coming up.

    • 19.09.: first single release of the forthcoimg "Aquostic" unplugged album is to be "And its better now".

    • 18.09.: the recently released Live-DVD "The Frantic Fours final fling- Dublin" has been a huge success in some countries - Sweden No.1 Germany No.3 in the DVD charts

    • 31.08.: another Status Quo project with a new official CD acoustic versions of their hits entitled "Acoustic Stripped Bare" release dates: 20th October (UK/AUS) - 17th October Rest of world with the following songs issued: Pictures Of Matchstick Men Down The Dustpipe Nanana Paper Plane All The Reasons Reason For Living And It’s Better Now Caroline Softer Ride Claudie Break The Rules Down Down Little Lady Mystery Song Rain Rockin’ All Over The World Again and Again Whatever You Want What You're Proposin Rock N' Roll Don't Drive My Car Marguerita Time Rollin’ Home Burning Bridges Rock ’Til You Drop

    • 24.08.: yesterday, August 23, last show for the next 3 months - but nice to see, Rick Parfitt on stage after illness.

    • 14.08.: TOPNEWS: first time in 47 years that the band is performing a show WITHOUT Rick Parfitt. Substitute will be Freddy Edwards at the show in Cluber Park - Worksop (UK). Edwards is the son of Quos bass Player and he played on Francis Rossis solo tour. Parfitt recommended that he will be on stage at Quos Show on the 23rd August in Holkham Park, Norfolk.

    • 26.07.: the next official release "The Status Quo 'Live' Box Set" announced for release 8th September. The box includes live songs from the legendary Apollo shows in Glasgow way back in 1976 (2CDs). The 3rd CD con tains the "Tokyo Quo" live album from 1976 and the last CD includes the previously unreleased show of Sydney 1974 (9 songs). Liner notes will be written by Dave Ling and added with some superb photos provided by Bob Young.

    Bob Young added some interesting photos from that time.

  • 24.07.: official release of this years Status Quo Frantic Four Tour is to be Augfust 29. The last show in Dublin was chosen and there is a Blue Ray, a DVD and as well an audio format: 2xCD and a 2x vinyl-LP titled "Frantic Four Final Fling"

  • 07.05.: Bob Young wrote a new blog and put up more photos on his website: ...more

  • 24.04.: a new book is announced for release in autumn 2014 - "Status Quo - The Frantic Four - a deluxe denim-clad limited edition book". Only 750 copies and you can already preorder it: here

  • 11.04.: there is a Francis Rossi interview at the german radio station ALEX on Sunbday, 13th April from 8 to 9 UK time. The interview with music is approx 35 minutes starting close to the beginning of the show.
    The interview was done by Rock City Radio Show Berlin: ....more
    Livestream radio ALEX: ....more

  • 05.04.: new releases: announced is the release of 3x-Vinyl LP from Quos show in Montreux Switzerland 2009 titled "Pictures in Switzerland" out 19th April and a Live CD of the same show is to be released in May.

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  • 30.03.2014: there are 5 Live-CD's available from this years Reunion tour. Here is the link to order the CDs/downloads: ...more

  • 27.03.2014: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Andy Bown! The man on the keyboards is now 68th years old.

  • 19.03.2014: yesterday the Status Quo Reunion tour 2014 kicked off in Berlin, Germany with the following setlist: Junior's Wailing - Backwater - Just Take Me - Is There a Better Way - In My Chair - Blue Eyed Lady - Little Lady - Rain - (April) Spring, Summer & Wednesdays - Railroad - Oh Baby - 4500 Times / Gotta Go Home - Big Fat Mama - Down Down - Roadhouse Blues - Encore: Caroline - Bye Bye Johnny

  • 19.02.2014: 3 new releases announced this year:
    2x CD "Piledriver Deluxe Edition" with 15 live songs on the 2nd CD taken from the BBC Sessions way back in 1972 and 1973 - release date 24th March
    PICTURES - LIVE IN SWITZERLAND Limited Edition White Vinyl 2LP Set - What Records Release date 19th April
    The Legendary Frantíc Four live 2014 Label: Live Here Now - Live CDs from the shows in Oberhausen, 3x London and Dublin. Release after the shows.

  • 08.02.2014: Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi launched together with Wytchwood Brewery the beer "Piledriver - Classic English Ale".

  • 07.02.2014: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Alan Lancaster! Quos bassplayer of the old line-up is now 65 years old. But no time to rest - "Nothing can stop us" as he stated in an interview which was recently published in a german music magazine. (Good Times No.1/2014)

  • 16.01.2014: new releases: at the end of the year the live CD "Tokyo -Quo" was released.
    the 2 picture disc vinyl's of "In Search Of The Fourth Chord" and "Quid Pro Quo" can be ordered via the german retailer

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