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Additional infos about the new album and single!!

1. The album "Heavy Traffic" - release date 23.9.2002 in England.


01. Blues and Rhythm (Rossi/Bown)

02. All Stand Up (Never Say Never) (Rossi/Young)

03. The Oriental (Rossi/Edwards)

04. Creepin' Up On You (Parfitt/Edwards)

05. Heavy Traffic (Rossi/Young/Edwards)

06. Solid Gold (Rossi/Young)

07. Green (Bown)

08. Jam Side Down (Britten/Dore)

09. Diggin' Burt Bacharach (Rossi/Young)

10. Do It Again (Edwards/Bown)

11. Another Day (Rossi/Young)

12. I Don't Remember Anymore (Bown)

13. Money Don't Matter (bonus track- UK edition) (Rossi/Young)

14. Rhythm Of Life (Rossi/Young)

Universal Music TV 018790-2

2. the single "Jam Side Down" - release date 5.8.2002 in England

The single will be released in England in 2 different CD formats. Release date: August 5. You can pre-order the single online via

Listed below the 2 CD formats:

Jam Side Down CD1: (catalog No.: 0192342)

1. Jam Side Down (Britten/Dore) 3.27

2. The Madness (Parfitt/Edwards) 3.55

3. Jam Side Down CD-Rom Video (filmed on the aircraft Ark Royal)

Jam Side Down CD2: (catalog no.: 0192352)

1. Jam Side Down (Britten/Dore) 3.27

2. Down Down (Rossi/Young) 5.00 (Recorded live at Top Of The Pops 2, November 2000)

3. Rockin' All Over The World (Fogerty) 3.45 (Recorded live at Top Of The Pops 2, November 2000)

On the official Status Quo homepage: the first 5 songs of the album and the single can be heard as mp3-file.