year review 2003

Concerts, releases, TV-appearances, charts, publications

Status Quo played in 2003 worldwide 105 shows. (all shows: --> click here )

Status Quo performed in the following countries:

53x in Great Britain
21x in Germany
10x in Australia
6x in USA
3x in Austria
2x in Switzerland; Brasil; Mexico; Denmark
je 1x in Netherlands; Belgium; Canada; France

Listed below all 17 releases in the year 2003:


  1. "Popstars of the 20th century" CD (Bertelsmann Bücherclub)
  2. "Riffs" CD (Universal Mercury 9813908-2)
  3. England:

  4. CD "Pictures of Matchstick Men" (828 7650 19323)
  5. "The Ultimate Collection" 4-CD-Set (Time Life TL SQC 069 827-2)
  6. CD "Best of the early years" (Metro METRCD103)
  7. 2x CD "Picturesque Messages from.." (Castle CMEDD718)
  8. 2x CD "Spare Parts" (Castle CMEDD717)
  9. CD "Tune to the Music" (Delta 47205)
  10. CD "Ma Kelly Greasy Spoon" (Castle CMQCD 754)
  11. CD "Dog of two head" (Castle CMQCD 755)
  12. CD "Riffs" inkl. Bonus-DVD (Universal 9813909)
  13. DVD-EP "Status Quo" (Classic DVD6076X)


  14. CD "12 Klassiker" (Universal 277298-2)


  15. CD "Hit Story" Club ECI (Universal 063363-2)


  16. CD "Heavy Traffic" (HIP-O-Records 064 435-2)
  17. 3x CD "The Ultimate Collection" (Universal Music B.V. CCM 063618-2) US-Import!!


  18. CD "Heavy Traffic" (UICO 1046)
  19. TV appearances:

    1."Harald Schmidt" 12.3.2003 Status Quo live SAT1-TV, Germany (Songs: All stand up and Rockin all over the world)
    2. "Weekend Music" 16.8.2003 Festival in Zofingen DRS2, Switzerland
    3. "The Des and Mel Show" 24.10.2003 ITV, England (Songs: Rockin all over the world)

    Status Quo in media:

    Classic Rock-Magazin Special: 148-page special about Status Quo.

    Charts (only highest position):

    England: "Riffs" No. 44 - 2 weeks in charts.


    1. the official english fanclub "F.T.M.O." celebrated his 10th anniversary.
    2. 18.8. the english retailer SPINCDS released a LP "Riot of the amphetamine generation" including 2 previously unreleased songs of the Spectres.
    3. in Germany the radio station Radio Erft broadcasted a Status Quo fan-special called "From the makers of" - Status Quo fans talked one hour about their favourite band.