Year review 2002

concerts, releases, TV, charts, german publications

in 2002 Status Quo played worldwide a total of 92 concerts (plus 1 concert on the air-craft Ark Royal and 1 TV-show; 1 short performance at the ice hockey world championship in Sweden and 1 performance at the NFL Europe Bowls / Düsseldorf (Germany) )

Listed below a summary where the 92 regular gigs were played:

46x in England

22x in Germany

8x in Scandinavia

6x in Spain

3x in France

2x in Ireland and Netherlands

1x in Switzerland, in Austria and in Belgium.

2002 releases (sorted by country; not in chronological order)


  1. "Sixties Collection" 7-MCD-Singles-Set (Castle Music CMBX400)
  2. "In the Army now - 'The Collection" CD (Universal Mercury Bestell Nr. 063036-2)
  3. "Whatever you want - The very best of" 2x-CD Re-Release von 1998 in Kartonschuber
  4. "Heavy Traffic" CD (Universal Music 064794-2) Media Markt limited Edition (Bonus-Track Anniversary Waltz)
  5. "Heavy Traffic" CD (Universal Music 018790-2)
  6. "John Coghlan - The Best of Status Quo" CD (Nr. 67098-4)
  7. England:

  8. "Sixties Collection" 7-MCD-Singles-Set (Castle Music CMBX400)
  9. "Anniversary Waltz" DVD
  10. "Jam Side Down" MCD 1 (Universal Music 019234-2)
  11. "Jam Side Down" MCD 2 (Universal Music 019235-2)
  12. "Heavy Traffic" CD (Universal Music 018790-2) (Bonus-Track: Money don't matter)
  13. France:

  14. "From the original member - John Coghlan" CD (Warner Brothers)
  15. Sweden:

  16. "The Swedish Collection" 2x-CD (Universal Music 583081-2)
  17. Netherlands:

  18. "Ice in the sun" CD (Disky SI 648332)
  19. "Down Down" CD (Universal Music B.V. 586757-2)
  20. "Jam Side Down" MCD (Universal Music 019236-2)
  21. Poland:

  22. "Heavy Traffic" CD (F.R. Records LC 03098) 6-Bonus-Tracks: In the army now - Fun Fun Fun - Rockin all over the world - -Whatever you want - The Wanderer - Roll over Beethoven
  23. "Heavy Traffic" CD (Panda Music under license of World Music) 6 Bonus-Tracks: In the Army now - Down Down - Rockin all over the world - -Fun Fun Fun - Ice in the sun - Pictures of Matchstickmen
  24. Italy:

  25. "Early Years - John Coghlan" CD (D.V.More Records)
  26. Russia:

  27. "Rock Profile" CD (All Stars Music)
  28. "Rock Collection" CD (Warner Bros WB325962CD)
  29. "Heavy Traffic" CD (Universal Music 064035-2)
  30. "Jam Side Down - The Best of" CD (Universal Music 019237-2)
  31. "The Best" CD (Panda Music under license of World Music)
  32. Thailand:

  33. "Heavy Traffic" MC (Universal 064035-4)

T.V. performances - England:

"The one and only" Status Quo live in ITV television

"Rock on and on" Quo-Documentary before and after shows, in the hotels. UK Channel4 television

Status Quo reports in magazines: England:

Classic Rock-magazin January 2002: 10-pages about Status Quo


"On the Level - Issue 9" May 2002; 55 pages black/white; written in english

charts (highest postion):

Sweden: "The Swedish Collection" No. 5 - gold award.

England: "Jam Side Down" No. 17 - 3 weeks in UK-Singles-charts.

England: "Heavy Traffic" No. 15 - 3 weeks in UK-Album-charts. Silver award !

England: "All stand up" No. 51 - 1 Woche in UK-Singles-charts.

Germany: "Heavy Traffic" No. 35 - 2 weeks in charts.

Switzerland: "Heavy Traffic" No. 21 - 6 weeks in charts.

Netherlands: "Heavy Traffic" No. 75 - 2 weeks in charts.

Estonia: "Heavy Traffic" No. 9

Sweden: "Heavy Traffic" No. 33

Denmark: "Heavy Traffic" No. 33

Lithuania: "All stand up" No. 15

Publications in Germany:

"Rock-Biografien - Never ending Rock-Lexikon" issue 30 (12 DIN-A5-pages about Status Quo including a good discography)

Press cuttings in Germany:

  1. "Rock It!" Hard Rock mag issue 02/2002 (Heft 8) 1 page inverview with Francis Rossi

  2. "Rock It!" Hard Rock mag issue 05/2002 (Heft 11) gig-report of show in Hameln (9.5.) and report of the Sweden rock festival with QUO live pic.

  3. "Rock It!" Hard Rock mag issue 06/2002 (Heft 12) very good CD review "Heavy-Traffic" (5 out of 6 stars)

  4. "Breakout" Hard Rock mag issue 07/2002 very good CD review "Heavy Traffic" and a best placed ad of the "Heavy Traffic" album '(below the Bon Jovi report)

  5. "Good Times" Music from the 60s to the 80s Nr. 5/2002 - Rick and Francis on front cover !!! 5-page report about hte history of the band from Francis Rossi's view and a very good german discography and a very good CD review "Heavy Traffic".

  6. "Rock It!" Hard Rock mag issue 01/2003 (Heft 13) gig report of show in Stuttgart. (17.10.2002)

  7. "Rock Hard" Heavy Metal mag issue 01/2003 (Nr.188) in the series classic albums - Status Quo "Live!" 1976 - 2-page interview with Rick Parfitt.

  8. "Breakout" Hard Rock mag issue 01/2003 1 page intverview with Rick Parfitt

  9. pics from Swedish rock festival were also shown in "Heavy oder was" mag and more CD reviews e.g. in Rolling Stone.