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VIP 1983

Cover german Quo LP VIP Vertigo 29 677 2
The album was released in Germany only on LP format.
Release : 1983
Label: Vertigo
Characteristic: Club-Edition
Line-Up: Francis Rossi (lead voc, gui), Alan Lancaster (bass), Rick Parfitt (gui), John Coghlan (drum)
The album is a club edition which was released in 1983 and its the same as the "12 Gold Bars" album, released in 1980.
On the back of the cover is a biography of the band written in german and english.
The song "Wild Side of Life" was produced by Roger Glover (Deep Purple) and was never issued on a Status Quo studio album. But the song was released as single. "Wild Side of Life"
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A-Side: VIP - german LP-Label
1 Rockin' all over the world (Fogerty)
2 Down Down (Rossi/Young)
3 Caroline (Rossi/Young)
4 Paper Plane (Rossi/Young)
5 Break the Rules (Rossi/Young/Parfitt/Lancaster/Coghlan)
6 Again and Again (Parfitt/Bown/Lynton)
7 Mystery Song (Parfitt/Young)
8 Roll over lay down (Rossi/Young/Parfitt/Lancaster/Coghlan)
9 Rain (Parfitt)
10 Wild Side of Life (Warren/Carter)
11 Whatever you want (Parfitt/Bown)
12 Living on an island (Parfitt/Young)