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Frontcover LP Star Discothek PYE 202 389-241
The album was released on LP and on cassette. (Cat.No.: 402 389-242)
Release : 1980 by german Ariola-Label (german distributor of PYE-Records)
Studio: PYE Studio, London
Producer: John Schroeder
Engineer: Alan Florence
Line-Up: Mike Rossi (lead voc, gui), Alan Lancaster (bass), Ricky Parfitt (gui), John Coghlan (drum), Roy Lynes (keyb)

This LP was released out of the Ariola series "Star Discothek". Mainly german but also international artists and bands were featured on this compilations. On the back of the cover is a band biography written in german.
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A-Side: STAR DISCOTHEK - german LP-Label
1 Pictures of Matchstick Men (Rossi)
2 Mean Girl (Rossi/Young)
3 Junior's Wailing (White/Pugh)
4 Shy Fly (Rossi/Young)
5 Lakky Lady (Rossi/Parfitt)
6 Daughter (Lancaster/Rossi/Young)
7 Green Tambourine (Leka/Pinz)
8 Ice in the sun (M.Wilde/R.Scott)
9 Gerdundula (Manston/James)
10 Someone's Learning (Lancaster)
11 Railroad (Rossi/Young)