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Pop Chronik 1974

PYE 87 099 XCT (Stereo)

This album was released only in Germany. On the top left you see the frontcover of this 2x LP which came out in a gatefold sleeve. The 5 means that this album is the 5th release of the ARIOLA series "POP CHRONIK". Next to it you see the poster which was in the gatefold sleeve. On the back of this poster there is a biography of the band written in german.
Release: 1974 Ariola, german PYE distributor
Studio: PYE Studio, London
Line-Up: Mike Rossi (lead voc, gui), Alan Lancaster (bass), Ricky Parfitt (gui), John Coghlan (drum), Roy Lynes (keyb)
Pop Chronik was a series of the german record company ARIOLA were double albums of different bands and artists were released, who were signed to PYE. The gatefold sleeve included a german written biography with a poster. The album itself included material of the PYE period.
Charts: The album couldn't chart in Germany.
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1.LP - A-Side: Pop Chronik - german LP-Label
1 Pictures of Matchstick Men (Rossi)
2 Spicks and Specks (Gibb)
3 Green Tambourine (Leka/Pinz)
4 Are you growing tired of my love (King)
5 Ice in the sun (Wilde/Scott)
6 The Price of Love (O. + P.Everly)
1.LP - B-Side:
7 Down the Dustpipe (Groszmann)
8 Junior's Wailing (White/Pugh)
9 Lakky Lady (Rossi/Parfitt)
10 Daughter (Lancaster/Rossi/Young)
11 Is it really me? Gotta go home (Lancaster)

2.LP - A-Side:
1 Spinning Wheel Blues (Rossi/Young)
2 Shy Fly (Rossi/Young)
3 Everything (Rossi/Parfitt)
4 In my chair (Rossi/Young)
5 Mean Girl (Rossi/Young)
2.LP - B-Side:
6 Umleitung (Lancaster/Lynes)
7 Gerdundula (Manston/James)
8 Someone's Learning (Lancaster)
9 Railroad (Rossi/Young)