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Picturesque Matchstickable Messages from the Status Quo 1968

Picuresque Matchstickable Messages PYE HTSLP 340054 (Stereo)
PYE HTLP 340054 (Mono)

The original german album was issued only on LP-format.
Release: 1968
Studio: PYE Studio, London
Producer: John Schroeder
Enineer: Alan Florence
Line-Up: Mike Rossi (lead voc, gui), Alan Lancaster (bass), Ricky Parfitt (gui), John Coghlan (drum), Roy Lynes (keyb)

german single-releases from this album:
Black Veils of Melancholy, Ice in the Sun, Technicolor Dreams, Pictures of Matchstick Men (click for cover)
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A-Side: Picturesque Matchstickable Mesages - german LP-Label
1 Black Veils of Melancholy (Rossi)
2 When my mind is not live (Parfitt)
3 Ice in the sun (Wilde/Scott)
4 Elizabeth Dreams (Wilde/Scott)
5 Gentleman Joe's Sidewalk Cafe (Kenny Young)
6 Paradise Flats (Wilde/Scott)
7 Technicolor Dreams (T.King)
8 Spicks and Specks (Barry Gibb)
9 Sunny Cellophane Skies (Lancaster)
10 Pictures of Matchstick Men (Rossi)

Source: Labelscan by Günter Röder