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Hitalbum 1987

Cover LP Hitalbum Polystar 830 901-1
The album was released in Germany on LP, on CD (Kat.Nr. 830 901-2) and on cassette format (Cat.No. 830 901-4).
Release: 23.2.1987 in Germany
Label : Polystar (for Polygram)
Charts: charts entry 2.3.1987, 8 weeks in charts, highest position No.17

Line-Up: Francis Rossi (lead voc, gui), Alan Lancaster (bass), Rick Parfitt (gui), John Coghlan (drum)
"Live at the NEC" ; Francis Rossi (lead voc, gui), Alan Lancaster (bass), Rick Parfitt (gui), Pete Kircher (drum)
"In the army now" und "Rollin Home"; Francis Rossi (lead voc, gui), Rick Parfitt (gui), John "Rhino" Edwards (bass), Andy Bown (keyb), Jeff Rich (drum)
With the big success in Germany of the single "In the army now" (in late 1986 No.1 for 4 weeks in the german charts) soon a compilation of Status Quo hits was released. This album was released by the german Polystar label and it had a good promotion both in television and in radio. And its to date the only german Status Quo sampler who entered the german charts.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (click into the pictures to see them big) Hitalbum - german LP-Label
1 In the army now (Bolland/Bolland)
2 What you're proposin (Rossi/Frost)
3 Rockin' all over the world (Fogerty)
4 Rollin' Home (John David)
5 Living on an island (Parfitt/Young)
6 Lies (Rossi/Frost)
7 Something about you babe I like (Supa)
8 Whatever you want (Parfitt/Bown)
9 Break the rules (Rossi/Young/Parfitt/Lancaster/Coghlan)
10 Down Down (Rossi/Young)
11 Roll over lay down (Rossi/Young/Parfitt/Lancaster/Coghlan)
12 Paper Plane (Rossi/Young)
13 Dear John (Gustafson/Macaulay)
14 Caroline (Live at the NEC (Rossi/Young)