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F A N Z I N E S:

Listed below a list of Status Quo fanzines (since 1992):

    Full Quota: this was a fanzine from Nick Lisle, wo published 15 "Full Quota" fanzines from March 1992 to November 1995. It was written in english and in every aspect a really top fanzine. Very good news and facts around Status Quo. Well done - Nicki !!!

    Don't Stop: from 1996 to 1997 4 fanzines called "Don't Stop" were published in Germany by Jana Engelhardt/Sangerhausen with reports around Status Quo. The fanzines were written in german.

    Backwater: in 1997 the scandinavian "Backwater" fanzine was sent out to interested Quo fans everywhere the first time written in english. This fanzine was established in 1978 and since then it was only available in Scandinavia. With good reports about Status Quo and past members (John Coghlan - Alan Lancaster) this fanzine appeared only once for all interested fans. A second fanzine wasn't published until now.

    Status Quo Tribune: from June 1998 to March 1999 3 fanzines were puzblished by Samuel Kring and Achim Schotte (aka "Micha"), who also did run the world fanclub "Helloooooo". This fanzines were written in german and in english.

    Going Quoing: the "Going Quoing"-Newsletter written by Sybille "Tevye" Machat and Birgit "Cozy" Weisbrod appeared between January 1999 and June 2001 with topic news around Status Quo written in german. The newsletter was written on a sheet of paper.

    Rockers Rollin: from 1995 to December 2000 the german Status Quo-Fanclub "Rockers Rollin" released a total of 54 (!!) newsletters written in german on a sheet of paper. With absolutely top news the german Quo fans got news around Status Quo. Publishers are: Michael and Franz Engels alongside with Till Langhorst.

    On the Level: in the moment the only existing fanzine. Published in England since early 1999 a total of 9 fanzines appeared. With their slogan "By the Fans for the Fans" they report around Status Quo with fan gig reports. A survey, a look back and so on.

and here the fanclub publications:

    From the makers of..: issue of the official english Status Quo fanclub "F.T.M.O." it is published 3 times each year for all members of the official fanclub. It is written in english.

    The Army: this is the magazine of the dutch fanclub "The Army" and is published 4 times each year for all members of the fanclub. It is written in dutch language.

    deutscher Fanclub: Publikations for the members of the german Status Quo fanclub of Stefan Wiedemeier.