Andy Bown (Quo's Keyboarder)

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ANDREW BOWN - (born 27.3.1946 in London) To describe every station of Andy's musical career would be too much. So just a few important stations before his Status Quo career. He began as bass player in a band called The Preachers, a band who mainly played R&B in clubs and pubs around London. In 1965 they changed name into The Herd, who were very successful especially in England. In autumn 1969 The Herd split.

Andy then played in a folk band called Storyteller, where he met his later wife. At the end of 1969 he then played with Judas Jump (with ex-Herd Henry Spinetti). Andy played guitar and keyboards and he wrote most of the songs. In 1971 he turned back to Storyteller but soon they split. From then on Andy recorded his first songs who were released under the Parlophone label.

In August 1973 Andy met Status Quo on the Reading festival. From this festival there is a live album "Reading festival" (Kat.Nr.GML 1008) featuring Status Quo with "Don't waste my time" and Andy Bown's "Long Legged Linda"

In 1976 Andy Bown eventually joined Status Quo and his first Status Quo gig was on the 27th of February 1976 at the Hammersmith Odeon. Indeed a real multi-talent and alongside with Francis Rossi and Rick PArfitt he is creative member of Status Quo. Milestones like "Whatever you want" or "Burning Bridges" are written by himself.

You can find detailled information about Andy Bown in the book "Rockers Rollin" by Dave Oxley or the excellent website

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Single: Tarot (1970)

Single: Sweet William (1973)

Single: New York Satyricon Zany (1974)

Single: Supersonic (1975)

Single: Love Love Love (1977)

Single: Good Enough Reason (1977)

Single: Another Shipwreck (1979)

Single: Good Advice (1979)

Single: Say it was magic (1982)

Single: Marianne (1982)

Single: Help me (1983)

Album: Gone to my head (1972)

Album: Sweet William (1973)

Album: Come back Romance all is forgiven (1977)

Album: Good Advice (1979)