Status Quo news of the year 2011

  • 21.12.: Bob Young wrote a new blog and added some new photos to his website: ...more

  • 15.12.: the Status Quo concert in the O2-Arena has been released as Double Live CD by "LIVE HERE NOW". ...more

  • 07.12.: Quo's german promoter K.Bonisch announced 6 german Quo shows for November 2012.
    09.11.2012 Regensburg, Donau-Arena - 10.11.2012 Frankfurt, Jahrhunderthalle
    11.11.2012 Stuttgart, Porsche-Arena - 14.11.2012 Berlin, Tempodrom
    16.11.2012 Cologne, Palladium - 17.11.2012 Aurich, Sparkassen-Arena

  • 04.12.: Quo played the following setlist at the first show of the UK tour in Birmingham:
    Caroline - Something bout you babe - The Wanderer - Rock n Roll n you - Rain - Mean Girl - Beginning of the end - Proposin Medley - Two Way Traffic - The Oriental - Lets Rock - Paper Plane - Gerdundula - Living on an Island - In the Army Now - Roll over lay down - Down Down - Whatever you Want - Rockin all over the world Encoe: Burning Bridges and the X-mas songs Walking in a winter wonderland and Santa Claus is Coming to town

  • 03.12.: today the start of the annual UK tour in Birmingham. The tour is christened "Quofest 2011" - a little festival with Status Quo, Kim Wilde and Roy Wood. The band decided to play only the big arenas - so its 11 concerts this December. All Quo'ers good luck.

  • 26.11.: Bob Young wrote a new blog at his website: ...more

  • 26.11.: the book "Access all Areas" was translated into german and was recently released in Germany. German amazon site and are offering this book.

  • 26.11.: the swiss Rock n Roller M.G.Grace covered the song "Something bout you babe" which is issued on the album "2008 M.G.Grace" with a note to Status Quo. But as you might know, Quo covered the song as well - the original song was featured by Tom Jones

  • 26.11.: there is an interview at the webradio with John "Rhino" Edwards Sunday, 27th November.

  • 12.11.: the new single "Better Than That" is on the A-playlist of Radio BBC 2 this week.

  • 30.10.: way back in the late 60s early 70s Gerdundula was a couple of devoted Quo fans who lived in Bielefeld; and yesterday it was Quo in Bielefeld with the song "Gerdundula" - here some photos from it: ...more

  • 27.10.: Bob Young wrote a new blog and added more pictures to his big "People & Places" site (almost 800 pics up) ...more

  • 27.10.: "Better Than That" from the new album "Quid Pro Quo" is to be the next Status Quo single. Promos have been pressed.

  • 26.10.: news from Germany; the tour is going very well with attendances around 3,000 - there are some photos taken at the Lingen show Oct 22: ...more

  • 20.10.: nice pictures from Quo's show in Passau, Germany have been added: ...more

  • 19.10.: change in the setlist: instead of "Living on an island" now "Gerdundula" in the set.

  • 18.10.: today start a german tour. Until 4th NOvember Status Quo are playing 13 shows. Again it will be a "double show" - this time with The Hooters.

  • 12.10.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rick Parfitt! He celebrates his 63rd birthday today. All the best Rick.

  • 11.10.: 10 years QUOTICKER; Time to say thank you to all people who visit this website and thank you to all people who contribute. Its amazing and so it keeps "tickering on" for the next ten years.

  • 09.10.: yesterday start of a tour through France; and its the start of the autumn and winter tour.

  • 03.10.: there is a "Quid Pro Quo" special Tuesday evening 4th October on the Belgian National Radio 8.30 UK time by Philippe Duponteil.

    • 30.08.: from Andy Bowns mailing-list: Henry Scott-Irvine presents a one hour career exclusive, and preview of Andy's solo album for Cherry Red Records. This will go out Tuesday 30th Aug at 8pm till 9pm in the series Clear Spot and again on the Sunday 4th Sept at 3pm till 4pm. On and simultaneously on Resonance fm 104.4 London (only) next to Magic on the dial. This will also webcast permanently at and there will be a direct URL there, too.
      If you've not seen it yet, catch the video of 'Rubber Gloves' on Andy's site.

    • 29.08.: "XS All Areas The Status Quo Biography", the book writen by Mick wall which was released in 2994 has now been translated into german and it will be released in October in Germany Austria and Switzerland. Also available as an e-book. ISBN 978-3-85445-365-9

    • 26.08.: the "Live at Montreux 2009" is to be released as a Blue Ray Disc in November.
    • 26.08.: Germany: Spectrum announced the release of a new Sampler "Rocking all over the World - The Collection", release date: 26th September. You can order it via or

    • 16.08.: Quid Pro Quo will be available on September 5th as a double vinyl album with gatefold sleeve. This special limited edition release features both the studio and live albums, a total of 26 tracks on 2 LPs. The album is available exclusively from Tesco via their partners Sandbag.

    • 16.08.: on the 11th August Status Quo played a radio concert at the BBC Radio Theatre London in front of approx. 300 people. This show was broadcasted on radio. You can listen again, its on the BBC-Homepage: ...more

    • 16.08.: yesterday Status Quo played at the Wine festival of Colmar, France. The band in best mood with a stormy performance and a fantastic Rock n roll show. The other bands SAGA and Barcley James Harvest with very good shows at the nice and big forum of the wine festival. Set time of Quo's show 90+ minutes.

    • 09.08.: more memorabilia and lyrics up on Bob Youngs website. ...more

    • 09.08.: tour dates from the 70s, a new date confirmed: Status Quo played the famous Cavern Club, Liverpool - February 9, 1970. Bob Young recalls: "It was freezing cold and getting the equipment in and out was very difficult. The stage was far too small but we were happy to say we'd played on the same stage where the Beatles played so many times." ("The Cavern - The most famous club in the world" Spencer Leigh ISBN 978-0-946719-90-7)

    • 08.08.: Bob Young wrote a new blog on his website, also he put 13 photos up and today more updates will follow: ...more

    • 08.08.: again ONLY available as a download "Two Way Traffic" will be the 2nd single from Quos album "Quid Pro Quo"-Album sein. Download from August 15 at Tesco or iTunes.

    • 01.08.: Quo will be performing an exclusive show for Radio 2 at the BBC Radio Theatre in Broadcasting House, London, Live on-air on Thursday August 11th.

    • 26.07.: the recent BBC Radio 2 Interview with Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi: ...more

    • 26.07.: the Francis Rossi Interview at Radio Bielefeld is now online available: ...more

    • 26.07.: a new german release, the DVD "Status Quo Live in Montreux" out of the series "Kulturspiegel" ist jetzt erschienen - the DVD can be ordered via germans big retailers or

    • 18.07.: "Pictures of Matchstick Men" is used in the ads of warehouse "Target" in US television.

    • 16.07.: the CD-Sampler - "Sus Mejores Canciones" (Universal Spanien) which was released in April in Spain is now available in Germany through

    • 13.07.: in May Francis Rossi was interviewed by a german radio station. This interview will now be broadcasted at Radio bielefeld July 21 from 6 to 7 pm. You can listen to it via webradio:

    • 08.07.: "Quid Pro Quo" now No.40 in Germany.

    • 06.07.: Bob Young added more photos on his website also a new blog: ...more

    • 02.07.: the new album "Quid Pro Quo" is now No.29 of the german charts.

    • 24.06.: the local promoters in Munich are expecting up to 20,000 fans for tomorrows festival in Munich with local heroes band Spider Murphy Gang and the well-known band "Höhner" from Cologne. Watch this space !!!

    • 21.06.: News from the Charts: in the 2nd week "Quid Pro Quo" with the following chart notes; 24 UK, 38 Germany, 21 CH, 72 Austria

    • 19.06.: at the show in Mallorce Quo played a medley of "Ice In The Sun" "Whatever You Want" and "Rock n Roll n You". The finale saw Quo again playing "Rockin all over the World".

    • 18.06.: Rhino, Quos bass player talks backstage of analbum with his band "Woodedz". ...more

    • 17.06.: at Quos first show in Gelsenkirchen 3 songs from the new album were issued in the setlist: "Rock n Roll n You" "To W Traffic" and "Lets rock". Short encore and approx. 3,000 attendance.
      Tomorrow Quo are show act of germans biggest and longest show "Wetten dass..." - approx 9 million people are watching this show.
    • 17.06.: today kick-off of a german tour. Until 26th June 6 shows will be played in Germany.

    • 15.06.: the Limited Box Set of the new albumwas sold for 270 pounds at ebay !!.

    • 11.06.: the new magazine of the dutch fanclub "The Army 88" has been published. Content: a review of Quo's show in Amsterdam 2010, an interview with Rhino and a write-up about Jess Jaworski, who had been the first keyboarder from 1962 when the band was a school band called "The Scorpions" and later "The Spectres".
    • 10.06.: now officially confirmed from the german album charts - Status Quo's new album on No.13 ! (Garry you have been right :-) )

    • 10.06.: today the new album will enter the austrian charts on No 26. In the midweek charts of Switzerland it is No.8 !!

    • 09.06.: TOPNEWS from Switzerland: Status Quo are Headliner of the third Sierre Blues Festival in Siders - Saturday 27th August. ...more

    • 08.06.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF RICH. Status Quo's ex-drummer (1985 - 2000) is celebrating his 58th birthday.

    • 07.06.: "A walk through Munich with Status Quo" thats the Video, which was filmed on Monday when Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt stayed in Munich to promote the new album - its in german language but its worth to see it: ...more

    • 05.06.: the new album entered the UK TOP 40 album charts on No.10. Congratulation to Quo and its Management.

    • 04.06.: there is a review about the new album on the BBC page: ...more

    • 03.06.: TOPNEWS: Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt at the Hardrock Cafe in Munich - 6th June 5 pm european time. ...more

    • 03.06.: record sale at ebay: one of the withdrawn copies of the single "Fakin The blues" was sold for 1,971 pounds !!! ...more

    • 31.05.: the "Stars of Sound"-Festival next Saturday with Status Quo in Aarberg Switzerland is sold out.

    • 31.05.: Status Quo are performer in the biggest german show "Wetten dass..." June 18, in Mallorca. For this performance one show of the german tour had to be cancelled and one show was postboned until November.

    • 30.05.: new entry at the "Seek/offers"-page. ...more

    • 29.05.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRANCIS ROSSI !! The Status Quo founder member is celebrating his 62nd birthday.

    • 28.05.: TOPNEWS: Status Quo are playing in Colmar, France - Monday 15.08.2011, with Saga and Barclay Jamest Harvest at the annual Wine Festival! Start: 6 p.m. european time


  • 28.05.: a short interview (approx.6 min.) with Rrancis Rossi and Rick Parfitt which was recorded at the Hard Rock Cafe visit in Cologne is broadcasted on the SQRR webradio Sunday 29th May 8 p.m. european time.

  • 27.05.: today the new album "Quid Pro Quo" has been released in Germany by Edel Music Cat.No. 0206174ERE. It is also released as a 2x CD limited Edition with the new album and a bonus CD entitled "Offical Live Bootleg" with Live-Songs from Melbourne aund Amsterdam. Cat.No. 0206176ERE. On both releases are stickers with the forthcoming german tourdates.

  • 27.05.: Bob Young wrote a new blog which can be read on his website: ...more

  • 25.05.: today Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt visited the Hard Rock Cafe in Cologne, Germany to promote their new album.

  • 25.05.: the new fanclub magazine of the official status Quo fanclubs "FTMO" has been published with interviews of the band memeber especially about the new album and about Andy Bowns forthcoming solo album.

  • 25.05.: StatusQuos show in Aarberg Switzerland next week (June 4) is sold out.

  • 12.05.: the dates of the UK-December tour have been announced. From 3rd December Quo are playing 11 big arenas shows with the special guests Roy Wood and Kim Wilde.

  • 09.05.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY John "Rhino" Edwards. Status Quo's bass player is celebrating his 58th birthday.

  • 07.05.: Germany - 2 Quo releases now available.
    1. the Rerelease of "Under The Influence" ...more
    2. "Performance" which includes excerpts of the live show in Butlins ín 1990. ...more

  • 28.04.: Bob Young updated his website - a new Blog, photos ect.: ...more

  • 22.04.: Happy Eastern to all visitors of this website !

  • 20.04.: TOPNEWS: today the official website of Status Quo announced the release and info of the new album : ...more
    14 new songs are on the album plus the rerecorded single hit "In The Army Now". The album comes with a live bootleg CD and features excerpts from the official bootleg albums of Amsterdam and Sydney both recorded in 2010.

  • 17.04.: Universal Spain released a 3x-CD-Compilation of Status Quo - "Sus Mejores Canciones" (Universal Spanien). ...more

  • 15.04.: Universal Music released the final batch of Status Quo's limited Edition Box "Live At The BBC". 500 boxes are now available. You can order this impressive Box set (8 discs) through this link: ...more

  • 11.04.: the 3 bonus tracks on the german rerelease of the "Under The Influence" CD are "Sea Cruise", "I Knew The Bride" and "Twenty Wild Horses"(live at the Nokia Night of Proms). It will be released by Edel Records on the 29th of April.

  • 09.04.: listen again to the Francis Rossi Special at Resonance 104,4 FM radio, here is the link: ...more

  • 08.04.: news from France: Status Quo perform at hte 24-hours-race in Le Mans - 24th September 2011 ...more

  • 02.04.: Status Quo's setlist at the Rock Ball in London, March 31: Caroline - Something 'bout you babe I like - Rain - Don't drive my car - Proposin' Medley - Roll over lay down - Down Down - Whatever you want - Rockin' all over the world

  • 01.04.: JPC the biggest german music retailer announced today 3 new Status Quo items from Edel Records:
    "Quid Pro Quo" CD Release date: 18.04. ...more
    "Quid Pro Quo" LP Box VRelease date: 27.05. ...more
    "Quid Pro Quo" CD Limited Edition Release date:27.05. ...more

  • 31.03.: with todays show at the Rock Ball in London Status Quo kicks off their concert schedule of the year 2011. After that the band is on tour in France.

  • 30.03.: Henry Scott-Irvine Presents Status Quo's Francis Ross i OBE - Status Quo's Francis Rossi OBE appears on 'Henry Scott-Irvine Presents' on Resonance fm 104.4 London this Sunday April 3rd at 3pm. This one hour special will also simulcast globally at 3pm on Sunday April 3rd via The show will repeat 8pm ON Sunday 3rd ON RESONANCE FM 104.4 LONDON & ONLINE AT and subsequently web-cast permanently at

  • 29.03.: Happy Birthday MATT LETLEY! Status Quo's drummer is celebrating his big 50th birthday. All the best "little drummer boy" Matt!

  • 28.03.: another rerelease of "Under The Influence" is announced in Germany for release (from Edel records) at the 29th of April.

  • 27.03.: Happy Birthday ANDY BOWN! Status Quo's keyboarder is celebrating his 65th birthday. All the best Andy!

  • 20.03.: lots of new things up on Bob Youngs website - Blog, photos ect.: ...more

  • 19.03.: the band is currently at Francis Rossis studio to record songs for the next Quo album.

  • 17.03.: the Live-CD of Francis Rossi "Live at St.Luke's" has been released in Germany. 18 songs are featured on this CD with a running time of 72:13 min. 12 songs are Quo-songs. Also a Live DVD is released with a total running time of 110 min.

  • 26.02.: Francis Rossi every Sunday evening on the internetradio PLANET ROCK 6 pm ..more

  • 26.02.: JPC the big german music retailer announced a new Status Quo compilation out of the Mercury series "Performance". Release at midst March. More information:

  • 23.02.: the german tour promoter Klaus Bönsich announced a 12 dates tour in Germany for Ocotber and November:
    18.10. Passau - 19.10. Fulda - 21.10. Kiel - 22.10. Lingen - 24.10. Rostock - 25.10. Chemnitz - 27.10. Limburg - 28.10. Bayreuth - 29.10. Bielefeld - 31.10. Heilbronn - 1.11. Karlsruhe - 2.11. Siegburg.

  • 16.02.: first release of this year comes from Germany, out of their series "Starboulevard" Universal released a 2xCD "Star-Boulevard - Status Quo" (Universal 06007 5332046 4). here for cover

  • 15.02.: at this time of the year the Quo-News are very rare, so a bit news not specifically Quo. Next Friday, Feb.18 Pete Knight, bassplayer of the english band Predatür is guest in the SQRR radio which starts at 7 p.m. UK time. Predatür is known to play boogie sound like Quo used to play in the early 70s, so if you're interested join in at

  • 07.02.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALAN LANCASTER! Quo's former bass player and founder member (1962 - 1985) celebrates his 62nd birthday. All the best, Alan!

  • 02.02.: this years tour itinary is filling up as more shows have been confirmed; again 2 shows in England - 15th July Shrewsbury and 20th August Alnwick Castle, Northumberland.

  • 28.01.: Bob Young wrote a new Blog at his website: ...more

  • 26.01.: "Live at Montreux - Kulturspiegel Edition" this is the name of the first german release this year. Its a DVD from Quo's show at Montreux 2009and you can already order it via JPC. ...more
    Available at is the US release of the DVD "Pictures of Status Quo - Profile of the Psychedlic". ...more

  • 13.01.: Francis Rossi will release his brand new solo set "Live at St. Luke's, London" on 14 March 2011. It will be available on CD DVD and Blu Ray. You can see a trailer at the official Status Quo website. ...more

  • 13.01.: the swedish band BFM allowed a free download of their Quo-related boogie album ...more

  • 12.01.: the solo UK tour of Francis Rossi in February had to be cancelled and will not be rescheduled.

  • 10.01.: Larry Miller, Railroad, Hercules, Carousel Vertigo und Quotation are the bands, who are playing at this years Crossed Guitar Festival / Netherlands June 1 - 4, 2011. ...more

  • 07.01.: the video clip of Bob Youngs and Micky Moodys "Caroline" version can be seen at Bob Youngs website. ...more

  • 07.01.: the limited Edition "Pictures - 40 years of hits" 2xCD and 1xDVD, who was sold out, is now available thorugh the Quo shop ...more

  • 01.01.: HAPPY NEW YEAR to everybody !!!

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