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On The Level 1975 (Vertigo 7138 066)

Sonm cassette albums show a different tracklisting from the LP albums. This is the same with "On The Level" album.
"Down Down" is the last song on Side 1, while "Nightride" is the first song on Side 2.

Side 1:
1 Little Lady (Parfitt)
2 Most Of The Time (Rossi/Young)
3 I Saw The Light (Rossi/Young)
4 Over And Done
5 Down Down (Rossi/Young)
Side 2:
6 Nightride (Parfitt/Young)
7 Broken Man (Lancaster)
8 What To Do (Rossi/Parfitt)
9 Where I Am (Parfitt)
10 Bye Bye Johnny (Berry)