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Hello 1973 (Vertigo 7138 053)

Some Status Quo cassette albums (mainly from the 70's) have a different tracklist than the original LP probably due to the lenght of the tape. And the german tracklist on the cassette is different to the UK cassette tracklisting.

1 Caroline (Rossi/Young)
2 Softer Ride (Lancaster/Parfitt)
3 And It's Better Now (Rossi/Young)
4 Reason for Living (Rossi/Parfitt)
5 Blue Eyed Lady (Lancaster/Parfitt)
6 Roll Over Lay Down (Rossi/Young/Lancaster/Parfitt/Coghlan)
7 Claudie (Rossi/Young)
8 Forty-Five Hundred Times (Rossi/Parfitt)