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Interview mit John Carr "State of Quo" 07.09.2002

(Das Interview wurde von Uwe Niewiadomski geführt. Vielen Dank!)

Interview mit Paul Carr (State of Quo) am 7. September 2002 vor deren Konzert in Rauenstein

Nachfolgende Fragen wurden vom Gitarristen Paul Carr beantwortet:

How many concerts do you play with your band each year?

Paul: maybe 100 - 150

Will you play more gigs in Germany in the future?

Paul: definitely yes!

What’s your favourite song from STATUS QUO performed by you?

Paul: Railroad

Your 3 favourite QUO albums?

Paul: Piledriver, Quo, Hello!

Your 3 favourite STATUS QUO songs?

Paul: Forty-five-hundred-times, Railroad, Big fat mama

How many STATUS QUO concerts did you visit approximately til today?

Paul: 230

7.9.2002/Uwe Niewiadomski