If it hadn't been for the birth of the internet then it's doubtful one would be able to take on something like this,an 'impossible project'. Trying to find out just where and what concerts a band with one of the longest records of longevity have played and were subsequently recorded (read bootlegged!) by someone somewhere in the world is by no means an easy task,hence the fact many of us over the years,including the band themselves,many behind the scenes,journalists and of course us,the fans have wondered and questioned just how many times have they literally 'Rocked around the world'? Pre-internet meant a trawl of what little books there were,a search through newspapers and magazines and keeping an eye on the likes of Fan-Club material,as well as possibly asking the band or road-crew themselves: 'Well,where have you played then?' But this would have taken years until of course an invention that meant such records and pieces of information could be easier to find,as well as the ability to communicate and share with others this kind of information. Hence a valuable record (to some!) of Quo gigs and recordings of the fairly unnofficial kind. Researching the band myself has meant that I've gotten to 'know' people and fans from all around the world with a likewise interest-Status Quo.Including here,Thomas Franck who has spent a fair-while researching like-minded subjects of interest to me and many others,I always like to keep a guiding eye on Quo 'things' so it's been a pleasure comparing notes from 1968 onwards,but as ever 'new' things and dates crop up all the time... As for the recordings,so many to choose from,so many great ones with things of interest,dates,sets etc.It is worth remembering these are aimed at the non-profit making genuine Quo collector,not a 'money-maker' on some auction web-site,so for the purist,Radiohuset 71,Reading 73,Sindlefingen 78,Birmingham NEC in 1982 and the (in my unbiased opinion) cream of Quo recordings,both Glasgow Apollo shows from 1984 are amongst the 'essentials' for any collector.Hopefully the guy who recorded both nights will be so proud!

Paul K. Samuel


A book including 74 coloured pages with maybe the most comprehensive listing of all Status Quo live shows with all the background news of each tour and a live tape archive of the legendary british rock band. Further there are 124 Bootleg-Coverartworks, 32 rare photos from 40 years "on the road" and a 2-page story written by Steve Mielnik-Young (Quo's first promoter in Germany from 1969 to 1972).
Responsible for this private project is the german Status Quo fan and expert Thomas Franck, with many help from Paul Samuel (UK), Roger Johannson from Sweden und Steve Mielnik-Young (Quo's first german promoter in the early 70s) With having contacts for many yearsto people close to the band and many Quo fans worldwide the planning of this project which took the last 2 years has now come to an end and the book will be soon available.

Update 4th April:The book is sold out but there will be a second edition for release in May 2008. More information about it soon. You can order now from the 2nd batch. Write to the Email address:

Keep on Quoin'
Yours Thomas Franck